WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT This social media campaign was one of my curriculum projects in school. We wanted to take this opportunity to pursue a more sensitive topic of self-acceptance and eating disorders.

After coming up with many strategies to reach out to our target audience, we had the chance to execute the social media campaign on our own. After the campaign was over, we used social media monitoring tools to evaluate the success of our campaign.
WHAT WE DID Objective:
To build a supportive online community that provides youths with positive encouragements about self-acceptance.

Key Messages:
• You don’t have to keep your problems to yourself, you are not alone.
• For those suffering from ED – You have the ability to recover.
• You are beautiful in your own way.

• To create an outlet for people to share the problems they have with self- acceptance.
• To encourage and provide support for youths who have self-acceptance issues.
• To remind and reinforce youths to accept and embrace their flaws.
HOW I FELT A few of my friends had admitted to having eating disorders before – making this a topic that hit close to home. I wanted to run a campaign that could make people feel better about themselves, and encourage them to embrace their flaws instead.

I also learnt that social media is a very practical platform to tackle sensitive topics as it can be an outlet to look for support. Many people who were in recovery from their eating disorders constantly supported and encouraged each other online, some though keeping their identities private – and I was glad that we could help empower and share our support with this community.

Beyoutiful2k16 – Singapore Polytechnic

Singapore Polytechnic
Social Media Campaign, Social Media Analytics