WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT My team and I tackled Singapore Development Network’s second challenge statement and key objective: To devise a comprehensive communications plan to mitigate or remove the stigma of using dating services. The proposal should not only convince singles to use dating services to widen their social circle, but also make it a ‘cool’ thing to do.

Together with Minister Tan Chuan-Jin! ✨

WHAT WE DID Objectives:
Reduce the stigma of using dating services.
To convince singles to use dating services to widen their social circle.

Key Messages:
Dating services are not for people who are desperate.
Widening your social circle increases your chances of meeting someone to date.

Big Idea:
​It starts with a connection – The more people you meet, the more chances you have at meeting a potential partner.

We came up with a combination of technology (wristband and mobile application), paired with marketing tactics that included:
1. Warehouse party (Event)
2. YouTube ads
3. Collaborations with local YouTubers
4. Social media management

Some Interview Quotes

HOW I FELT It was a very fun and interesting topic to work on, especially since our target audience also included ourselves (the millennials).

Though we did not get selected to execute our integrated marketing and communications campaign, we felt that we had tackled the brief in the best way we could.

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