For one of our curriculum projects, we had analysed a communication brief by the client, Courts. They were selling mobile accessories from a brand called 3SIXT, and wanted to promote them in the Singapore market.

The objective of this project was to come up with a integrated campaign that covered both creative and media tactics to solve the issues captured in the client’s brief.

Group meetings with a full stomach! 🍗


To better analyse the brief, we started by first coming up with a report to understand the challenges posted in the brief, as well as to research and analyse information we would need for ideation.

Our extensive report included:

Target Segment: By looking at 3SIXT’s products, we came out with a comprehensive table of their products and its characteristics.

  1. Products of 3SIXT
  2. Target Audience & Persona
  3. Needs & Wants of Target Audience
  4. Consumer Decision Making Process
  5. Day In The Life of Target Audience

Market Background: Since 3SIXT is a mobile accessory brand, we dived into and analysed the mobile accessory market and identified our brand’s standing among its competitors.

  1. Competitors
  2. Perceptual Map
  3. Trends
  4. Brand Comparison Chart
  5. SWOT Analysis of Brand as well as Direct Competitors
  6. Indirect Competitors' Product Analysis
  7. SWOT Analysis of Indirect Competitors

Brand: Identified brand positioning in its relevant market and also looked at how the brand was being viewed by its target audience.

  1. Brand Idea & Positioning
  2. Analysis of Current Communication Efforts
  3. Looking At Online Reviews
  4. Review of What The Brand Stands For & How Is It Viewed In Context By The Target Audience

Product analysis

Product analysis of indirect competitors 📷

Key persona 📱

Direct & indirect competitors

Brand comparison chart

Identifying market trends

SWOT analysis

After our market report, we highlighted and modified our objectives according to what we thought was most important for the brand. We then dived into ideation, where we came up with different types of advertising tactics to help achieve those objectives.

Marketing Objectives:

  1. Create brand awareness on trend setting IT accessories
  2. Showcase a wide range of colours
  3. Provide assured quality, with an emphasis of value

Campaign Objectives:

  1. Drive awareness on range of products
  2. Differentiate ourselves from our competitors
  3. Showcase range, use and brand awareness via Digital Space

Our tactics included:

  1. MRT ads
  2. Guerrilla Marketing
  3. Paid Advertising on Social Media
  4. User Generated Content Through Organising A Competition
  5. Media Drops to Influencers (Public Relations)
  6. Improved Social Media Activity

MRT ads

Guerilla tactic

Paid ad banner on YouTube

Media drop for influencers

Improved social media activity

User Experience Journey


This was the first time I had ever conducted an extensive market research to develop a campaign. I learned how the information in our market report could be used to later develop ideas for our advertising tactics.

This was a very tedious but yet eye-opening experience for me, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about how a deep understanding of the market and target audience can affect a campaign.

3SIXT Live A Colourful Life – COURTS

Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign, Advertising