For the Crowbar 24 Hour Advertising Challenge 2015, Hewlett Packard (HP) Digital Printing were looking to maintain their extraordinary growth in the digital printing and graphic solutions industry.

Our main objective was to grow the demand for digital print in innovative ways by engaging the new generation and encouraging them to become digital print advocates.

At the end of our campaign, we wanted HP’s potential consumers to think that

  1. HP Digital Print offers business opportunities I/we never thought were possible
  2. It is essential for our business future that we embrace HP Digital Print
  3. It is low risk for us to try

And for the current generation of business owners to think that

  1. My son/daughter has a great new idea that will add value to our business
  2. It’s essential for our business future that we try HP Digital Print
  3. It’s low risk for us to get started

Before entering to present our pitch 🙌🏻


For the campaign, we were required to come up with ideas and concepts to reach out to medium sized retail business owners. We chose travel agencies as our target audience, and our big idea was “Mapping the world in print”. We wanted to differentiate HP from its competitors by showing how their graphic solutions could bring the world to somebody’s fingertips.

We used three channels to reach out to our audience:

  1. Direct Mailers
  2. Virtual Reality
  3. YouTube

We also came out with three unique ways to showcase HP’s ability to provide personalised, modern, and valuable printing services:

  1. Personalised Travel Guidebooks and Personalised Children Activity Books
  2. Out-of-Home Giant Interactive Calendar and Screen
  3. Out-of-Home 3D Corrugated Landmarks

Prototype of our direct mailer

Mock up of augmented reality



It was a great experience to learn to work under a tight deadline. We had only 24 hours to process what the client needed, understand our target audience, and come up with ideas to meet our objectives. This really pushed me to work fast but yet logically at the same time.

Out of twenty participating teams, my group and I were shortlisted as one of the five finalist groups. Ultimately, we came in as the winners of the Crowbar 24 Hour Advertising Challenge 2015.

24 Hour Advertising Challenge – The Crowbar Awards

Hewlett Packard, 4As
Brand Differentiation