Our secondary school attendees at our photobooth! 📷

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT The challenge was to pitch an Integrated marketing and communications campaign that led up to an Event.

3 different campaign ideas pitched against each other, and my group’s campaign on Media Literacy had been chosen to be executed – making us the campaign lead team. We sourced for event participants by approaching secondary school students who were attending the SP Open House.

I think that branding had played a big role in this campaign, as our branding helped us to emphasise the message we wanted to put across to our target audience.

T-shirts and resource kits for the attendees

WHAT WE DID Objective:
To remind secondary school students to be responsible with the content they publish online.

Key Message:
What you do online is permanent so you need to understand the consequences.

Secondary Key Message:
Learn to discern different sources of information.

Our Big Idea:

Our Campaign included:
1. Pre-publicity tactics on social media
2. Guerilla marketing with mascots at Singapore Polytechnic Open House
3. Event
4. Post event evaluation (Pre-publicity + Event)
HOW I FELT It was my first time experiencing what goes into making an event happen, such as meeting KPIs, budgeting, and learning to plan ahead so that we were able to tackle any unforeseen road blocks.

Seeing our idea come to life from its planning stage to its execution was a fulfilling experience and we all really wanted to give our event attendees the best experience possible.

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